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Budapest, HUNGARY

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Art Photo Magazine 2019/2 – Zsolt Petrányi: Hungarian landscape photography exhibition at the Kiscelli Museum Budapest / 2019 / exhibition review

Marie Claire – Prof. Elemer Hankiss, the playful man / 23 December, 2018 / Interview with Sándor Csortos Szabó

Journal of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences MTA – Elemér Hankiss’s contribution to Hungarian animation: Hankiss and the cartoons –  / 15 October, 2018  / A study of Sándor Csortos Szabó

Sándor Csortos Szabó : Wagner’s Gardennumbered photo album – December 2014 (Transilvanian film portal), 17 October, 2014  Taking Photos is a type of Meditation for me – Interview with Sándor Csortos Szabó

Contemporary Digital Photography, 11 October, 2014  Exhibition catalogue

4 Elements, 05 October, 2013  Exhibition catalogue

Noémi Kiss: Black and White – Studies on the relationship between photography and literature / Műút Books, 2011 / in: analysis of the book Light, relationship

Prae / Winter photo fair at Mai Manó House (Hungarian House of Photography) – Auction / 08 December, 2011

tv2 Mokka (morning show), 07 November, 2011  Exhibition recommendation: Secret Gardens

Népszabadság (daily), 28 October, 2011  The Jungle Recapturing  Sándor Csortos Szabó’s secret gardens in Mai Manó House (Hungarian House of Photography)

Magyar Narancs (weekly magazine)27 October, 2011  Exhibition recommendation – Sándor Csortos Szabó: Secret Gardens 

Magyar Nemzet (daily), 27 October, 2011  Eternity hidden in ruins  Prof. Elemér Hankiss’s review of the exhibition Secret Gardens’ (daily website on literature and fine arts), 07 October, 2011  Orsolya Juhász and Sándor Csortos Szabó’s exhibitions in Mai Manó House (Hungarian House of Photography)

Exhibition in the Mai Manó House (Hungarian House of Photography) Opening: 06 October, 2011.  7:00 PM  Opening addresses by Orsolya Kőrösi director, Károly Kincses curator, Elemér Hankiss professor (recorded by on vimeo)

Magyar Narancs (weekly magazine), 07 July, 2011  In Memory of My Military Service – Przemysl 1914 -1918  (I.WW)

The Photo Paper Magazine (USA), February 2010  Special Double Issue features 3rd Photography Masters Cup Winners

Pécsi Napilap (regional daily)06. June, 2008  The ‘100 kinds of Islam’ photo exhibition is closing today

Hommage Alpár Ignác, 09. June, 2007  Exhibition catalogue

Irodalmi Jelen (monthly magazine on literature and fine arts), 20. July, 2007  Taking Photos is a type of Meditation for me – Aranka Vennes talks to Sándor Csortos Szabó (portal of digital photography), March, 2006   Interview with Sándor Csortos Szabó

Fotóművészet (photography magazine), N. 03/04 edition 2005  Book recommendation – Light, Relationship by Sándor Csortos Szabó

www.talá (initiative Reinventing Central Europe launched by professor Elemér Hankiss), November, 2005  The International Success’ of Hungarian Photographers, 07. October, 2005  International Awards of Éva Arnold and Sándor Csortos Szabó Photographers

Magyar Hírlap (daily)11. February, 2005  Baroque Death and Light  book review by Gergely Mézes

Könyv7 (monthly magazine), 5. August, 2005 She conjures something that cannot be named – Conversation with Krisztina Tóth

Light, Relationship, April 2004  Krisztina Tóth (prose) – Sándor Csortos Szabó (photo) – Book

Népszabadság Online (daily website), 16. October, 2001  With Heart and Soul – Khajuraho

Népszabadság (daily), 27. September, 2001  Love in the Temple – The Statues of Khajuraho in Photographies at the Museum of Applied Arts

RTL Klub TV Morning (morning show), 24. September, 2001  The Statues of Khajuraho in Photographies

Khajuraho – Misticism and eroticism, 20. September, 2001. Exhibition catalogue

Pesti Est (program weekly), 17-23 September, 2001  Exhibition Recommendation – Mysticism and Eroticism: Khajuraho

Demokrata (weekly magazine), 2001/41. Exhibition Recommendation – Mysticism and Eroticism: Khajuraho

Hamu és Gyémánt Magazin (magazine), 2001/3.  Khajuraho

The Budapest Sun (weekly magazine in English), 21 September, 2000  Relics lost in time from a city int he jungles of Cambodia

Figyelő (business and news weekly), 21. September, 2000   Angkor

Magyar Televízió Napkelte (Hungarian Public TV morning show), 21. September, 2000  City of Ruins in the Jungle – Angkor

Szabad Föld (weekly newspaper), 19. September, 2000  Photo Exhibition about Angkor

RTL Klub TV Reggel (morning show), 19. September, 2000  City of Ruins in the Jungle – Angkor

Népszabadság Magazin (supplement of a daily), 15. September, 2000 City of Ruins

TV2 Jó reggelt Magyarország! (morning show),  14. September, 2000 City of Ruins in the Jungle – Angkor

Pester Lloyd (German language daily in Budapest),  13. September, 2000  Angkors Glanz und Untergang

Magyar Hírlap (daily), 12. September, 2000  On the Scent of a Lost Civilization – The Angkor Empire at the Centralis Gallery

Pesti Est (program weekly), 07-13. September, 2000 Exhibition Recommendation: City of Ruins in the Jungle – Angkor (news portal), 07. September, 2000  Exhibition: Angkor – City of Ruins in the Jungle

Magyar Narancs (weekly), 07. September, 2000.  Angkor – City of Ruins in the Jungle

Metro (daily), 07. September, 2000  A City Sunk in the Jungle being Presented

Népszava (daily), 06. September, 2000  City of Ruins in the Jungle

Népszabadság (daily), 06. September, 2000  The Atlantis of Cambodia – The Photos of a City Sunk in the Jungle at the Centralis Gallery

Metro (daily),  30. August, 2000  The Asian Exhibition Recalls the Splendour of Angkor

Élet és Tudomány (life and sience, weekly), 2000/39  Angkor – City of Ruins in the Jungle

Hamu és Gyémánt Magazin (magazine), 2000/4.  Angkor

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